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Tom Wagenbrenner is a Northern California-based landscape photographer who has traveled the world capturing breathtaking images of natural beauty. His work has been featured in galleries and exhibitions, and he is known for his immersive fine art prints that truly capture the grandeur of the landscapes he photographs.

In recent years, Tom has developed a particular affinity for the American West and Iceland, and he has spent years exploring these regions, capturing the stunning beauty of their mountains, deserts, glaciers, and coastlines. From the raw seascapes of Big Sur to the remote volcanic Highlands of Iceland, Tom's images capture the untamed essence of these places and transport viewers to these breathtaking locations.

In addition to selling aerial, landscape, and abstract fine art prints, Tom also books portraits sessions, typically in locations known for epic natural beauty, 

Artist Statement

"As a landscape photographer, I am constantly in awe of the beauty of the natural world.  My goal as an artist is always to capture the deepest essence of a place and convey its unique character through my photographs.

I am drawn to landscapes that are wild and untamed, and I strive to capture the rugged beauty of these places. Whether it is a mountain range covered in snow or a desert landscape dotted with cacti, I am always seeking out new and interesting subjects to photograph.

I believe that the camera is a powerful tool for telling stories and communicating emotions, and I strive to use it to its full potential. Whether I am working on a personal project or on assignment for a client, I am always looking for ways to push the boundaries of my art and create images that are truly memorable.

Through my images, I hope to inspire others to explore the natural world and to appreciate its beauty. Whether you are an avid outdoors person or simply someone who enjoys gazing at beautiful landscapes, I believe that my photographs have something to offer everyone. So, I would like to invite you to explore my work and see the world through my lens."

- Tom Wagenbrenner